As Africa has become a byword for famine, poor governance & financial mismanagement, our reaction is to aggressively promote our shared culture & achievemnents, that is which is good, wholesome & unique.

'Hear Me Speak'  talkshow, in particular, is a staple that celebrates the promises, potentials, youth, vitality, challenges & achievements of Africans in general & Nigerians in particular.

It is a programme that not only entertains but also engages and empowers for mentorship of youths at home and in diaspora. 

We intend to represent the aspirations of the bold, young adventurous generation and will address issues that are near and dear to the concerns of the core demographic group, who are powerful, resourceful and inspirational.

The Executive Producer KC Kalu, a freelance producer, holds a bachelors combined degree in Media/Creative Writing/Theatre Arts from Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom & is also the creative mind behind Ebony Eyes Productions.

KC has worked in various aspects of TV production, as a runner, production assistant, researcher, assistant producer, producer. Gained experiences studying & working in England with the BBC, Channel 5 TV & Independent Production Companies. In addition, a work placement with Minaj Broadcast International, a Nigerian TV Network.

Ebony Eyes Productions was created in 2004.

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