'Hear Me Speak' is an inspirational talkshow programme, not just for the young but also families, educators & policy makers. A programme with significant relevance to everyday lives discussing issues like human / sex trafficking, music, hiv/aids, relationships, fgm, gender, polygamy role models, ambition, sexual orinetation, racism, cultism/gangs, fame, traditons/cultures & many, many more. No topic will be off limit. Content that will disperse the aged old adage that the young should be seen and not heard.

A discussion programme voicing the views of young people from various parts of the African Continent, talking about:

Ebony Eyes Logo Gender issues
Ebony Eyes Logo Female circumcision
Ebony Eyes Logo Traditional religion
Ebony Eyes Logo Child trafficking
Ebony Eyes Logo Polygamous marriage
Ebony Eyes Logo Cultism in the educational system
Ebony Eyes Logo Single sex education
Ebony Eyes Logo Drugs amongst youths
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Issues of sexual orientation
Ebony Eyes Logo Reproductive health / HIV
Ebony Eyes Logo Peer Pressure
Ebony Eyes Logo Abortion amongst adolescents


Ebony Eyes Logo FGM
Ebony Eyes Logo Female Circumcision: A Personal Choice (x 54mins)

A documentary from West Africa looking at the other side of Female Circumcision by showing the women, young girls and mothers who want the practice to continue, though themselves were circumcised, they have no regrets.
We speak to those who are awaiting circumcision and looking forward to it in earnest as they are ‘ripe for marriage’ and believe no one will marry them from their place if they do not continue with what is obviously tradition. The practitioners – including doctors – who believe in what they are doing and the men – father’s & husbands – that insist the women in their lives must be circumcised.

The aim of the programme is to give voice to those who feel that circumcision goes beyond religion & tradition and therefore cannot understand why people are calling for it to be banned. To them it represents who they are and hope that by allowing them speak, they can at least show why circumcision is part of their fabric of life.

Programme will also contain interviews from various NGO’s, medical practitioners, religious bodies and private individuals who are calling for the ban of this practice, thus ensuring for a well balanced viewing.

Ebony Eyes Logo Human Trafficking 

A look at trafficking from Edo State in Nigeria where it has been reported that 80% of girls trafficked to Europe for the sex trade industry are from Edo State.

Following trafficking routes from Nigeria to Europe.
Exploring why are these routes commonly used by traffickers and what the authorities in theses countries are doing to stem the growing problem.


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