Sponsorship & Advertising  

We invite you to partner in our productions, to accentuate our positives by supporting Ebony Eyes Productions in whole or in part.

We intend to represent the aspirations of the bold, young adventurous generation and will address issues that are near and dear to the concerns of the core demographic group, who are powerful, resourceful and inspirational, with enough purchasing power to positively impact a brand/marketing effort.

Our expectation is to partner with an Organization who is keen to create visibility, awareness and affirm their brand values in ways that will have a bottom line impact.

Sponsorship will include, but not limited to the following, which will secure on-going exposure throughout various countries, of which the full benefits are highlighted below:

Ebony Eyes Logo Branded trailers & inclusion on all press releases. Brand promotion through signage on-air presence.
Ebony Eyes Logo Brand on programme opening & closing credits.
Ebony Eyes Logo Purchase airtime
Ebony Eyes Logo Hyperlink from Ebony Eyes Website to your comapany.
Ebony Eyes Logo PR / Marketing on radio, oprint, web, TV & outdoor advertising on billboards, flyers, posters etc.
Ebony Eyes Logo Promotional products & handouts.

If you would be interested in more details with regards to sponsorship or advertising, then don't hesitate to contact us.

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